How to DIY Pine Cone Flowers

How to DIY Pine Cone FlowersThese Pine Cone flowers looks amazing, and it is really a fun activity to do with kids. Turn them into fabulous flowers and Roses to decorate your home.
Step 1: Paint
Once you’ve gathered your pine cones and twigs, they’ll need some paint. Before you paint the pine cones, blow on them really hard to loosen and remove any seeds that are left; any that remain will likely come out when you paint so you don’t have to be a perfectionist.

I found that the best way to paint the pine cones was to get a whole bunch of paint on a flat brush with long bristles and work it into all of the little spaces. It’s probably best to use an older brush, so you can cram it in there and wiggle it around without worry of bending bristles on your good brushes.

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